September 12, 2008 kkbmomof3

The light bulbs in my house all are in cahoots with each other……

How do I know this? ? anyone…anyone… No?

Well,Here’s how I can tell.. I get up this morning EARLY like early even for me.. Wait thats a lie.Normaly I don’t get up early.. So saying even for me , as if I am a early Riser,Which I’m not.. But EARLY ok.. Early for penelope Next door,(ok so no penelope next door, but if there was she’d be a early riser!!!!)


Back to the story

I get up… Turn the light in my room on.. POP! fudge light bulb burnt out.. Mk.. Thats fine.. Go to the place where we keep lightbulbs, and guess How many were there…. anyone anyone.. NO? Wow..get ontop of it people it’s friday!!

NONE . there were none there…

So I dragg my butt into the kids room ..TIME TO GET UP SCHOOL TODAY!! They get up and start moving..

I go to the laundry room Flip the switch to the room with no windows…POP POP POP What the fudge.

Ok thats fine Lightbulb god, I’ll just turn the bathroom light on which is connected to this old laundry room and There will be light!!



SO dear lighbulb god,Please get your Gang Of Renagade Light bulbs to pop when I Have some IN THE house to replace.

Thanks much.


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  • 1. Mommy Koz  |  October 8, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Wow. I think our lightbulbs all belong to the same league of chaos!

    Mine go out in a day, I replace it & no sooner do i screw it in, it goes POOF and white smoke fills the bulb. I’d fill my house with shop lights if I could!

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